"The Orangutans" - Top of the World Pop Up Greetings Card

ORANG-UTANS:  These beautiful creatures used to roam as far north as Southern China and as far south as the Indonesian island of Java. Today they are only found on two islands, Borneo and Sumatra.  Although they spend a lot of time alone, they have relationships with other orang-utans in their community;   They spend most of their lives in trees, where their long strong arms help them swing through the forest canopy and hang from branches as they eat their favourite food - fruit!  

ORANG-UTANS:  These beautiful playful primates have been brilliantly captured in these sumptuous illustrations.   Layer after layer of intricately laser cut forest is crammed with Orang-utans, young and old, having the time of their lives in their jungle paradise.

Also featuring a large blank message panel for your own special message and a luxury envelope.

Card size is 165mm x 165m when folded flat. That's UK letter rate for postage.

A greetings card that's a gift in an envelope. Made to Stand Up & Stand Out.

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Excellent cards and very good value for money. Certainly something different and original. I purchased 3 different ones...!

someting different

lovely card, I was looking for something a bit different and this ticked all the boxes

Quality product. Quick delivery.

Very nice quality and amazing image.