Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to ASSEMBLE Me&McQ 3D Cards myself?

Absolutely not! We lovingly hand finish your Me&McQ 3D Cards and Top of the World pop Up Cards ourselves so all you have to do is marvel at the finished item. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! 

What size are Me&McQ 3D Cards?

Me&McQ Pop Up 3D cards and Top of the World cards are not taller than 15cm that's 6 inches in old money. By comparison a fairly standard square greetings card in the UK is also 15cm (6in).

Remember that the maximum size for a 1st Class letter in the UK is 16.5cm so if our cards were any bigger you would be paying a lot extra for Royal Mail Large Letter rate to send them!

It is worth adding that we have also noticed that recipients find the cards to be just the right size to keep on display permanently, a real mark of love and respect for the card you send. We have heard of Me&McQ cards staying on display for many years.

We like to say 'They are not BIG 3D Cards but they are CLEVER!".

Are Me&McQ 3D Cards value for money?

Me&McQ Pop Up Cards and Top of the World 3D Cards contain approximately twice as much paper, four times as much ink and illustration,100% more specialist laser cutting and 90% more hand finishing than the average greetings card, not to mention it takes well over two weeks to design and create the artwork for each design. Not bad for not much more than double the price of that standard contemporary card. Remember; your Me&McQ 3D Card is unlikely to end up in the bin soon after the celebration is over!

Where are Me&McQ pop Up Cards created?

Me&McQ 3D Cards are designed and published in the UK and lovingly printed and hand assembled in China.

When will my Me&McQ cards arrive?

Usually by the next day in the UK if you order before 3pm. We use Royal Mail 1st Class as standard.

How will my Me&McQ 3D Card be shipped?

Your 3D Card or cards will be shipped in a robust cardboard mailing sleeve or small box. You card contains a luxury weight envelope for your onward use.

NB We don't believe that any additional protection is required when you post the card to your recipient. For example there is no need to go to the bother of cutting down the information sheet and adding it to your envelope.

Please do keep the questions coming.

Me&McQ a leading brand of 3D Cards published by Paper D'Art