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First Post

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Welcome to the new Paper D'Art online store. Under the new branding of Me&McQ, more about that in future news, existing customers may see that we have greatly improved the visibility of and interaction with the products so that you can really get to know them before you decide to buy. Which we hope you do!

We are particularly excited about the increased number of images we are able to show you here capturing all the breathtaking detail that these products have and the very special "Wow!" factor they posses. The 3D models of the cards which will help you see the designs from all angles and in as close up as you like are a tiny bit mind-blowing! 

We hope the new site is fun and rewarding to use and we welcome your comments and suggestions as we look forward to continually adding more products and designs.

Happy shopping

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  • Haa-HAA…Did you receive the recipe?.. Intrigued..

  • I have been sending these out for any excuse! I love them as well as the people I have sent them to. It is really kind of cool when I find out they are put on display in my relative and friends homes. Thanks so much! From, Wyoming,USA P.S. me being addicted to cinnamon- may I have your cinnamon apple cake recipe if I promise not to give it out? just asking….. :)

    Jaynee Gourley le

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