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As always the cards for my grandsons for Christmas are unique and beautiful.

"Santa's Cat Sleigh" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
Cynthia Komorowski (Rochester, US)
Santa's Cat Sleigh

Most excellent design and entertaining to look over. Sent this to two cat lover's. One to my 94 yr old best friend and the other to my 67 yr old sister. They will love it as much as they loved last years cat's in the Christmas tree. I definitely love giving more then receiving when I give Me & Mc Q 3D cards to people who cherish them.

North pole

Brilliant cards

"Santa's Windmill" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
dorothea hendriks (Vancouver, CA)
Santa's Windmill pop up card

I absolutely love all the pop-up cards! However, every once in a while there has to be a favourite...and Santa's Windmill is it!

Magical Pumpkin

I love it and it's going to be hard to part with it, but I have a non-verbal 3.5 year old autistic great-niece who is going to be over the moon when she receives this for her 4th birthday in March.
I am looking forward to seeing more innovative designs offered by your company.

Another great year

It’s always magical and exciting to view the cards. It is especially lovely at Christmas. Fabulous cards to send thoughtful greetings to family and friends.

"Umbrella Sleigh" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
Bryan Kaveney (Chippenham, GB)
Great and speedy service

Very prompt and efficient service, 3dcards are delightful

"Santa's Express" - Top of the World Christmas Card

Fairy queen


Great for kids!

"White Lantern" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
rita aldridge (Ipswich, GB)

What a beautiful card. My granddaughter will be captivated by it, I was.

Let It Snow - The Book.
J N Butcher (Bracknell, GB)

Please look into Reuben putting some new folded cards by Reuben.
I loved the Christmas ones.

Lovely Xmas card for my sons

Have bought from you before and always been delighted with the cards, as I am with this one. Perfect to send to my sons at Xmas time. Thank you.

Let It Snow - The Book.
Stephen Novalany (Wyckoff, US)
Great. Christmas Gift

I bought this for my granddaughter and cannot wait to see and hear her reactions to this beautiful book.

Beautiful, residents love them

To see a residents response when they get the card it's beautiful.

Let It Snow - The Book.
Sue Halls (Corby, GB)

Was told I was the first person to order this book. I had to buy it well who wouldn't. So beautifully written and illustrated. Thank you for the magic therein

Love this beautiful card. Even better on viewing :)

"Santa's Moon Sleigh" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
Deborah Mooers (Barrington, US)
Fabulous Xmas Card

Love all their cards.. Fabulous Xmas card, never disappointed!

Brilliant Cards.

These are very special cards and only special people get them! I’ e had so much feed back from friends and family who have received them. These ‘London’ Top of the World cards are going to friends abroad for Christmas.

Am in awe of these 3d pop up cards - real works of art!

Everyone who receives one is beyond delighted, as are their families I’m told. I am using them as affordable presents and as Christmas decorations dotted around the house. Am so impressed by them!

Let It Snow - The Book.
Trish Burden (Croydon, GB)

The (card) book story is just wonderful. I was gripped. It was just so beautiful, wonderfully written and fabulous illustrations. My 7yr old Grandson will love it. Well done Me&McQ

Let It Snow - The Book.
Norman Petre (Luton, GB)

Excellent as always

Nice quality product,

Nice quality cards, received quickly.

"White Lantern" - 3D Pop Up Christmas Card
Katherine Mann (Saint Paul, US)
WHITE Lantern

I am amazed by the beauty, creativity and intricacy that went into this charming card. Packed with detail from every angle it takes time to view it all. A tiny magical world!

Charming, Magical Card, Excellent Service

I have thrilled my family and friends with Me& McQ cards for several years now, and I think Let it Snow is one of the best!