"The Flower Seller's Bicycle" - 3D Pop Up Greetings Card


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The Flower Seller's Bicycle: Lovingly hand crafted, this amazing 3-Dimensional greetings card is at the cutting edge of paper engineering.  The Flower Seller has parked his bicycle loaded down with fragrant flowers fresh from the market.  Hidden amongst the bouquets is his little dog, Buddy, sitting cutely in the carrier.  To protect him from the sun, a jaunty striped umbrella festooned with more blossoms and hanging baskets, its fetching blue stripes complementing the colour of the bicycle.

The Flower Seller's Bicycle comes with a special laser cut gift tag to write a message for any birthday or special occasion.  The whole card folds completely flat and slides into the envelope with ease.  This is surely a greetings card that will still be on display long after the occasion has passed.  

Also featuring a large blank message tag for your own special message and a luxury envelope.

Card size is 165mm x 165m when folded flat. That's UK letter rate for postage.

A greetings card that's truly a gift and a surprise in an envelope!

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Flower Seller’s Bicycle Review

The card is an absolute joy and the recipient was completely thrilled upon receiving it and in fact still has it on display.

All the cards from Me&Mq are delightful and I will definitely buy more in the future and hope that they will add to the range.

The only thing I would ask for (and it is only minor) is stronger gum on the envelopes as I ended up sealing it with sellotape but this is not a big issue.


Incredible amount of detail and very easy to open up to display. Admired by everyone who sees it.

Very Satisfied Customer

Cards by Me&McQ are a hit with me every time. I am a relatively new customer and hope to be for a long time to come. This particular card, The Flower Sellers Bicycle is stunning and I love the detail. The card arrived promptly and so well packaged. I am sending it to my sister for her Birthday this week and I'm looking forward to hearing her reaction, which will be favorable I'm sure. Thank you again Me&McQ.

special birthday card

most adorable beautiful card for my sisters birthday , love these cards !!!

Birthday card

Very pretty unusual carc