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Paper D'Art are very happy to have recently celebrated their 30th year publishing ground breaking greetings cards around the world.
Mark,  Reuben and now Lauren are particularly excited to be pushing what goes inside an envelope once again, exploiting state of the art laser technologies to bring you the breathtaking Top of the World and 3D cards that are setting new standards in both detail and excitement. A thrill to design and manufacture and a joy to send.
Mark Everdell  was a founding partner of Paper D'Art back in 1985. Early experiences with pitching a new business idea to Richard Branson decades before the invention of The Apprentice or Pitch to Rich gave him a world view that 'nothing is impossible' and a keen interest in building and unique and innovative business that thrives because it's products are second to none.
Reuben McHugh is a brilliant artist, illustrator and latterly paper engineer. Collaborating with Paper D'Art since 1995 he is the world renowned designer behind the stunning and ever popular D'Art Noel collection of Christmas cards, giftwrap, christmas decorations and gift food packaging. Slightly fed up with his work at an International Publishing House he by good fortune sent his portfolio to the newcomers at Paper D'Art.  We asked to meet him immediately as it was obvious even then what a huge talent he has.
Lauren Everdell is a graduate in English Literature from both Oxford and Columbia Universities and is bringing a whole new perspective to Paper D'Art publishing based on words, history and popular culture as never before. She is also very skilled at calligraphy with both brush and pen. We are most thrilled that she spends time on Paper D'Art product design and research when her novel writing projects allow.
Marianne Ley We are thrilled to once again be working with the hugely talented Marianne. Her work is thematic and inspired by an ecclectic mixture of Vintage 18th Century etchings, manuscripts and decorated paper ephemera. She brilliantly collages hand drawn elements, screen printed borders and snippets of antique lace. The historical and the contemporary collide in Marianne's evocative and wondrous landscapes populated with Woodland Creatures, Shy Geishas and inquisitive Owls.
Learn more about Marianne at http://www.marianneleydesign.com
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Brilliantly beautiful card, very well crafted

The card is a really magical pop up card, very easy to open would be ideal special card for adults and children. On top of the table a Christmas tree opening up into a 3 D style is brought alive with traditional dressing. The table top has images of 'left for Santa and reindeer goodies'. Santa is standing aside looking onto the scene. Order placing and receipt is beyond excellent also. Have used before and will use again and would highly recommend.

Excellent magical card

Exceptionally well made and tastefully executed pop up card, easy to open and will stand well on any surface, a magical scene of Christmas lies inside the lantern with an array of birch trees with snow blobs atop, Christmas trees, holly, reindeer and a couple enjoying the magical scene epitomising the season and Christmas. A really beautiful card.

Great card

excellent can't believe such a small card can have so much detail highly recommend

The flower cage birthday card

It is very delicate, very pretty, and needs to be handled carefully. The service from this company is exceptionally good.

Perfect special birthday card

I bought 2 of the flower cage style cards. Both for family birthdays. They are beautiful and were very well received and admired by others. Will be ordering again for Christmas.