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Me&McQ 3D Card River Fairy Pop Up Card

The River Collection

A Unique Collection of 3D & Pop Up Greetings Cards Celebrating Our Precious Rivers!

"Thought Provoking Keepsakes, Trophies, Curios & Heirlooms"

We are excited about the return of a much loved favourite "The Flower Cage"...


"The Flower Cage"

Much loved and much imitated, a worldwide bestseller that has set the global standard for Pop Up Greetings Cards!

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Slideshow Image 1

The Flower Cage

Special Ages Collection

NOW BACK IN STOCK! A very special best selling design that radiates love and affection and always becomes a treasured keepsake permanently on display. Make a special day a wonderful enduring memory.

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Back At Last!

The Wedding Flower Cage

Make that perfect day even more special with this cool contemporary Pop Up Card. Sure to become a treasured keepsake and the perfect reminder of that special day!

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How the Beetle Lost His Tongue

Have you ever seen a beetle with a tongue? You will soon learn why not in this modern fable about a cheeky beetle who amuses himself at the expense of others until he gets a taste of reality from a wild forest fairy!

Sounds Like A TALL STORY

See How Your Beetle Book is Packed!

Delight and amaze in equal measure with this unique picture book. Packed in a fabric bag with colourful gift tag ready to drop into a Christmas stocking. Perfect!

Ubiquitous Books Presents

'Let It Snow'

A delightful and much loved work of art!

By Lauren Everdell & Reuben McHugh

Let Me See!

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

It's a unique and loveable illustrated book complete with it's own fabric gift bag and tag ready to share with a young family member

The Me&McQ Collections



The magic is in the glorious amount of detail in our 3D Cards. Never mind LESS, MORE is definitely MORE in the wonderful world of Me&McQ. There is always another surprise waiting to delight and amaze the longer you look.

Our team, often inspired by beautiful local countryside, takes weeks to design, illustrate and refine each of the Pop Up Cards, which have rapidly become some of the world's most highly cherished greetings and acclaimed 3D Greetings Cards.

Let me see some of this detail



"Wow" is the word. Made to stand up and stand out Me&McQ Pop Up Card designs are sure to be sent as a card but received as a very special gift.

The joy of sending and receiving a Me&McQ 3D Card has never been so brilliantly realised as it is in this extraordinary collection of designs.

It's true, we are a little doggie mad here and we often use Fable, our Chocolate Labrador, for inspiration.

Can I go see what you mean?

Destined for the trophy cabinet


Fashioned from high quality ink and paper using ultramodern techniques, Me&McQ 3D Cards will stand up for many years to come. It's just as well as our cards are often put on the mantle piece or even placed in a favourite cabinet and are left to be admired long after the special occasion has passed.

We regularly hear from our lovely customers that sending these 3D Cards results in an excited telephone call expressing thanks for the unique designs.

See what our customers tell us

Is it Really a Cat's Life...

...or does the mouse have the last laugh?

Our thoughts on frequently asked questions


Our 3D Card products are not BIG but they are CLEVER. Superbly designed to compliment any interior space they are not too big to be left on permanent display and very often are. They are POP UP Cards that also fold flat into a luxury letter sized envelope so don't cost the earth should you need to send them by First Class post.

No assembly is required for our Pop Up Cards or 3D Cards!

Honestly, all our 3D Card designs just POP UP right out of the envelope. No additional assembly is required. It's always good if you have played with them a bit to take away some of the 'newness' before mailing them to your loved ones. All the pop Up Card designs are created to STAND UP and STAND OUT so they may well be left up permanently

This image reminds our customers that colour is everything in our carefully manufactured and finished Pop Up Card and 3D Cards.

We have deliberately chosen not to make our 3D Card designs bright and shiny. We feel that the intricate filigree laser cutting that we achieve is better complimented by vintage shades and stunning artwork. No need for a flashy gloss finish Pop Up Cards here. We do hope you agree and will see these designs as forever keepsakes.


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Me&McQ 3D Card Windmill Teashop Pop Up Card Winner of a Louie Award 2023

Paper D'Art Wins Another Louie Award!

Di Mark Everdell

As a small, family-owned business that has been designing and publishing greeting cards for over 35 years in the UK, we are thrilled to win...

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