'Unscripted' A Romantic Novel by Minnie Adams
'Unscripted' A Romantic Novel by Minnie Adams

'Unscripted' A Romantic Novel by Minnie Adams

Gift the gift of romance and drama to the one that stands by you through all of  yours - your Mum!

About the book...

Who knew sticking your tongue out at a total stranger could change your life? 

Andromeda Hart doesn't feel confident or pretty enough to carry off her big fancy name. In fact she feels messy, inelegant and out of control. With the rest of her life coming up fast, she's terrified she'll forever be all over the place. When a chance meeting in a crowded pub changes everything, can she face the challenges love, and the movie business, have in store for her? 
Joseph Ascher hit the big time in a big way and he loved every second, until he realised all he'd ever be was a pretty face. When he thinks he'd found something with meaning in his life, can he stop acting long enough to let the shy girl in the blue shirt see he's really falling for her? And what about all the people lining up to get between them?
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